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James Wesley Jackson Releases New DVD Project. “The Enviromedian” is Funny for the 21st Century!

The world’s only ‘Enviromedian’ aka James Wesley Jackson proudly announces the completion and release of a brand new performance DVD recorded in Chicago entitled “The 21st Century Enviromedian”.  It features James at his hilarious best!  Long known for his opening of concerts worldwide for Parliament/Funkadelic’s legendary musical phenomenon, James has also established himself as one of the most unique and consistently funny nightclub acts all throughout North America.

Originally from Greenwood, Mississippi, James has been based in Chicago since the 1970s. He has toured constantly both with the P-Funk family and individually, and has amassed good will among friends and fans wherever he has performed.

Nominated for a prestigious Emmy award, James has cultivated a comedic style all his own. It’s laid back, intelligent and pleasantly entertaining to a wide variety of audiences of all ethnicities, ages and locales. James has made them all laugh.

Anyone who has ever worked with James has instantly been able to identify his talent. Brilliant P-Funk and Talking Heads keyboardist Bernie Worrell says, “James Wesley Jackson is the good humor man – he knows how to fire up an audience!”  Fellow Chicago comedian and lifelong P-Funk fan Dobie Maxwell crossed paths with Jackson years ago, and suggested they produce a video. “I’m such a huge fan of both P-Funk and James, and I thought it would be a natural fit.” Maxwell says. “We enlisted the services of comedian Mike Preston to record a live show, and James absolutely NAILED it!  We also hired Funkadelic master artist Pedro Bell to design the cover, and now we’re ready to release the product not only to current fans but to those who haven’t gotten to see James yet. We are all very excited!”

[testimonial author=”Chicago Tribune”]”…Jackson is clearly a funny man…”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”The Dallas Times Herald”]”James Wesley Jackson walked on stage, eased himself up on the bar stool and introduced himself as an Enviromedian.  Then he sat there, an enviromedian necklace about his neck, a blue knit hat covering his hair, and watched the audience laugh.  His expression was the first joke of the evening.”[/testimonial]

This is James Wesley Jackson and this is his “Live in Chicago” DVD.  CLICK HERE for the easy part.

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